Q) How does BlackHole2020 securely erase?

A) Using random number generators to write a sequence of randomly generated integer patterns (unique to each file) across the bytes of the file. Then the file’s creation and modification dates are set to today to further obscure any system record of the file.

The MacOS version makes use of the Swift 4.2 feature, SE-0202: Random Unification which provides a cryptographically secure randomized seed baked into the language.


Q) What language is Blackhole2020 written in?

The MacOS version is written in entirely SwiftUI. This was a huge challenge since as of 2021, SwiftUI is still a new framework and has tons of pitfalls / missing features for the MacOS platform. Super fun to figure out!

The Windows version is written in C# UWP – Universal Windows Platform. Like SwiftUI, it was also a blast to figure out and a very fun learning experience to conquer.

Both use Lottie powered JSON animations written in Adobe After Effects.