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“I’m just a guy who codes for fun…”

My desire to combine all the things I love about design, programming, music, and creating things culminated into this ceremonial letting-go project.

It all started as an idea in my sketchbook, a joke about how bad 2020 was… everything felt like it was “just a blackhole…

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We live in the era of solid state drives with firmware that makes multi-pass erasing mostly pointless. In fact many SSDs will outright prevent it. Gone are the days of using “DoD 5220.x” methods. Forget Guttman papers on erasure methods. Single pass, crypto-randomized overwriting is sufficient for 99.9% of personal data erasure needs.

The SSD Method: 

Using a cryptographically randomized number generator, write pseudo-randomized patterns of bytes across each file. 

Each file’s creation/modification dates are erased.

These two steps defeat the majority of file recovery tools and give you some more peace of mind than simply the recycling bin does.

Note: If you’ve got uber-serious-security-needs, this ain’t the software for you! I am certain these methods can be defeated by enough will power to do so. 

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